Vijay Kumar Kichulu

Vijay Kichlu, a master of arts from the University of Allahbad, is a unique combination of executive ability and artistry. After an impressive career as a mercantile executive, Vijay Kichlu is now at the helm of the revolutionary institution in the field of arts, Sangeet Research Academy, a creation of the well-known commercial house, ITC Limited. As the executive director of SRA, Vijay Kichlu is totally committed to classical music, its propagation and preservation.

Although he did not take music as a profession, Vijay Kichlu has been recognized as a leading vocalist of the Agra gharana in the country with an impressive standard of musicianship.

His initial training in the music commenced at the tender age of seven with Pandit Nathuram Sharma. Later, he was greatly influenced by the gayaki of Ustad Faiyaz Khan, the colossus of the Agra gharana. While in college at Varanasi he had the good fortune of becoming the disciple of Ustad Moinuddin Dagar and the Ustad Aminuddin Dagar, popularly known as Dagar Brothers and the torchbearers of the dhrupad style. Then he took guidance from the late Ustad Latafat Hussain Khan of the Agra gharana. He follows the Agra gayaki, his forte being alapchari in the traditional dhrupad style composition in madhya laya and the bol-taans true to the character of the gharana gayaki. Vijay Kichlu is an A grade artiste of all India Radio and Doorsdarshan TV. He, along with his younger brother Ravi Kumar Kichlu, appeared several times in the Sangeet Program of Music of All India Radio, Radio Sangeet Sammelan and Doorsdarshan. This apart, he regularly broadcasts vocal music through All India Radio and Doorsdarshan, Calcutta.

He has an impressive record of public performances of classical vocal music all over India and in the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East countries. He participated in the Festival Of India held in the USA.

An erudite musician and a very fluent speaker, Vijay Kichlu has rapidly risen to fame in musicological circle. His lecture-demonstrations and compact workshops are pleasantly enlightening for the listener and participant. He has made significant contributions in several important musicals and musicological meets all over the world, significantly in Italy, Philippines, the USA and West Germany. He has been granted Honorary Citizenship of the State of Maryland and also of the City of Baltimore by the Governor of Maryland and the Mayor of Baltimore respectively in appreciation of his services for the promotion of Indian Classical music in the USA.