Jyoti Goho

The success of a musical event depends on quite a few factors. Artistic accompaniment is one of the most important one, although the accompanist does not enjoy the freedom of the main artiste. In spite of his strong grasp over raag and taal, he has to adjust to the mood and spirit of the performer and thus contribute to the total success of a concert.

If Pandit Bhimsen Joshi regards Shri Jyoti Goho "very highly as an artiste" who is "extremely supportive as a harmonium accompanist," what more can be said about this unassuming artiste's accomplishments.

Lured by his mother's melodious voice, Jyoti Goho developed a keen interest in music which was nurtured by his parents very affectionately. After his initial training under the guidance of late Sanat Banerjee and, thereafter, Shri Biren Bose, Jyoti became a disciple of Shri A.T. Kanan. He still continues to learn under his guru's able guidance.

Jyoti developed the art of playing harmonium under the tutelage of Shri Deb Kumar Banerjee. Aided by his knowledge of vocal music, he bloomed into a competent and sensitive harmonium accompanist. The ability to understand and adjust according to the mood and spirit of the performance made Jyoti popular amongst all the eminent vocalists of present generation. His art took him to places within the country and abroad.

At present Jyoti Goho, is a member of the faculty of Sangeet Research Academy, Calcutta.